DEADLY PRESENCE - Interviews, Reviews, Mentions

"This movie plays as well as Paranormal Activity, The Possession or any other recent big studio release." - ALIEN BEE NEWS


"Fans of Independent cinema are sure to love it." - VIDEO VIEWS


"Deadly Presence was filmed on a micro budget but is pulled off masterfully." - HORROR-WRITERS.NET


"Deadly Presence proves to be the little film that can, a ghost story with atmospheric filmmaking" - (re)SEARCH MY TRASH


"It's genuinely creepy at times. Highly recommended!!"

"Deadly Presence is engaging, smart and often terrifying horror film."

"Deadly Presence is the film that can, a ghost story with atmospheric filmmaking."

Deadly Presence film review.

"This haunting indie thriller is a must see!"


Deadly Presence official trailer

New Trailer for Deadly Presence

Official Trailer drops for Deadly Presence

Official Trailer for indie Horror-Thriller Deadly Presence


What kills you makes you stronger: Deadly Presence

New indie thriller/horror film Deadly Presence

Strange haunts emerge with Deadly Presence

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